14 reglas para la generación del milenio, y por que no, la generación X

Ya soy de la generación siguiente, ahora empiezan a llegar los chavos recién egresados, y nos toca seguir aprendiendo y seguir enseñando. Vale la pena leer el detalle del artículo en algunos puntos que no solamente sirven para la generación de millennials; también tiene mucha utilidad para nosotros los generación X o baby boomers. 

14 Rules Of The New Workplace That Millennials Need To Master

A continuación dejo algunos puntos que me parecieron importantes.

  1. Your job description is just the beginning.
    •  If you want to succeed in today’s workplace and make a name for yourself, you’ll have to do a lot more than what you got hired to do
  2. Your job is temporary.
  3. You’re going to need a lot of skills 
    • Companies are looking for leadership, organizational, teamwork, listening, and coaching skills.
  4. you probably don’t have right now.
  5. Your reputation is the single greatest asset you have.
    • what really matters is what you're known for, the projects you’re part of, how much people trust you, whom you know, who knows about you, and the aura you give off to people around you
  6. Your personal life is now public.
  7. You need to build a positive presence in new media.
  8. You’ll need to work with people from different generations.
  9. Your boss’s career comes first.
  10. The one with the most connections wins.
    •  It’s less about what you know (you can find out just about anything within seconds with a simple Google search), and more about whether you can work with other people to solve problems.
  11. Remember the rule of one.
  12. You are the future.
    •  Right now, you have to position yourself to take one of these major leadership roles when the workforce shifts and older generations retire
  13. Entrepreneurship is for everyone, not just business owners.
  14. Hours are out, accomplishments are in.
  15. Your career is in your hands, not your employer’s. 
    •  Be accountable for your own career, and take charge of your own life.

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