jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

taskset vs. numactl

You will find this information useful in case of task affinity on your multicore system:


taskset vs. numactl detailed explanation is located on that link.

martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

Reading MSRs from linux

Well, so long and there has been no updates on this blog, but here is a brief technical update.

Right now I'm trying to read some BIOS registers from linux. We have a package on Ubuntu named msr-tools which provide the commands to read the intended registers:

# apt-get install msr-tools

Then modprobe msr, and finally read your MSR register:
# rdmsr 0x1A4
# rdmsr 0x198


AWS cpu steal time from T2 to T3 chart

The chart shows the same workload from T2 and then to T3. With metrics collected from OpsWorks