miércoles, 14 de agosto de 2019

Elastic Load Balancing RFC 2616 HTTP Header Update Tools

Recent AWS update for Classic ELBs

In an effort to better conform to RFC2616, AWS is modifying the default request header processing of our Layer-7 Amazon Classic Load Balancers to match the behavior of the Application Load Balancers. This document provides details of the change as well as instructions about how to use the included tools to check a HTTP server's behavior and change a load balancer's behavior. This behavior can be enabled or disabled on any Classic Load Balancer using the AWS ELB API, and the script included with this document allows you to check or set desired behavior.

Seems that someone was in a rush to release this update. Lots of errors and typos on the instructions and scripts:
  • ❌  Exepected pattern 200 OK not found in response
  • The script requires the AWS CLI to be installed and configured for access to your account, and
  • requires the Bash environment to execute in. (then #!/bin/sh on the script)


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