Getting the Pktgen LUA exposed functions from pktgen-dpdk

Currently there's no documentation on which functions are exposed to LUA from Pktgen.

Not documented and got this hint from Keith:
Search at the bottom of the ./app/lpktgenlib.c file to see the LUA functions.

  // Set the single packet value on main screen
  {"set_mac",     pktgen_set_mac},     // Set the MAC address for a port
  {"set_ipaddr",  pktgen_set_ip_addr}, // Set the src and dst IP addresses
  {"mac_from_arp",  pktgen_macFromArp},      // Configure MAC from ARP packet
  {"set_proto",   pktgen_prototype},      // Set the prototype value
  {"set_type",    pktgen_set_type},    // Set the type value

For instance you can now call the pktgen.set_type function on your lua script.
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